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Abigail Ozora Simpson

Abigail Ozora Simpson

The daughter of the painter Michael Simpson, Abigail’s original intention was to become an actor: she studied at the Drama Centre in London, but after graduating she became more focused on ceramics.

Her hand coiled sculptural vessels produced in her Hoxton studio quickly gained an international reputation and led to her work being exhibited in London, NewYork, Miami and Los Angeles. Simpson’s work has been catalogued in two post-war British Art Auctions at Christies. “For several years, the theme of the vessel has been constant in all my work. During that time I have attempted to develop every aspect of it’s physical possibilities.

In terms of ‘engineering the form’ these objects have moved through architectural stages, sometimes resembling entirely non-functional columns as well as retaining their status as vessels. This has led inevitably to more sculptural concerns, and a desire to leave any semblance of ‘traditional studio based pottery’ behind.

Beyond the surface and scale, I am interested in the raw visceral properties of the material. I am also increasingly interested in juxtaposition: groups of objects, their relationship, either coherent or incoherent, and how the ancient history of ceramics can touch the possibility of pure sculpture”