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Julian Stair

Julian Stair

Concerned with questions of functionality and site-specific installation, Julian's work explores the subtle intersection of form and material and consolidates a long interest in the architectonic qualities of ceramics.

It is characterised by a subdued palette of oppositional colours and material consisting of porcelain, basalt, stoneware and Etruria Marls, and has grown out of a compendium of ideas addressing the relationship between pottery and space explored in various ways throughout his career – from making pottery for use, to the way he grouped pots over the last decade and, more recently, to the creation of monumental ware.

Both the monumental ware and the pots on slab-built grounds demonstrate a shift from physical engagement between pot and hand to a more encompassing relationship with architectural form, while maintaining the cornerstones of his approach: a concern with structure, colour and surface and the dynamic intersection and inhabitation of space.

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